Tuesday, September 11, 2007

smith-corona galaxie twelve

smith-corona galaxie twelve, originally uploaded by piperaudrey.

i'm ecstatic over this thrift find obtained this past weekend. i clapped like a giddy little girl when a friend opened up the case it was in. we had no idea such a treasure would be enclosed in a dusty old suitcase. he clapped like a giddy little girl too...we're both very much product design people, and this little guy, heavy as he may be, made us uber happy.

since dan found it, it was technically his. i was envious...

there was another case laying near, which i was, ashamedly, apprehensive about at first. but not anymore! i eagerly opened this next treasure trove...and was utterly disappointed. the case revealed this typewriter, which was not nearly as cool.

dan saw my pouty face, and being the kind man that he is, handed over the smith-corona galaxie twelve and said "you can have it".

dan - you're the bestest.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


uberorgan, originally uploaded by piperaudrey.